Final Project – Psychology Department Video

This is a 2 and 1/2 minute video about the Psychology Department at Edinboro University. The full video is still in the works and will be completed by August, 2011. For this project we combined interviews, b-roll, and a voice over to make everything come together smoothly.


Video Essay- Bill Nuzzo v The Pistachio Eating Mouse

Video Essay for Advanced Video. This is a video essay involving my dad and the mouse who took his pistachios. Unfortunately he killed all the mice so I had to improvise. The purpose of this video is to tell the story with just video and no use of dialogue or music.

Edinboro Basketball Interview

Interview for Advanced Video. For our interview project I  spoke with the Women's basketball coach and 2 players. I chose specific sound clips and played b-roll over the players and coach so it wasn't just the person talking.

Critique – E:60 The Good Son

This is a section of ESPN's E:60 featuring Dwayne Wade and his mother. Critique: Right off the bat they use excellent imagery with a voice over and switch back and forth from that to natural sound and so on. The voice over sets up the story by giving us a preview of what it's about,... Continue Reading →

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