Game 7- All or Nothing

Tonight marks the first-ever game 7 at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s do or die. After Crosby and Malkin went down, a lot of us couldn’t even see the Penguins contending. But, they did. Even without 2 of the best players in the world, the Penguins managed to hold an above .500 record for the remainder of the season. Without that kind of performance, the Penguins would not be where they are tonight, a game 7 in Pittsburgh. Without that effort, the Penguins could very well golfing right now. But, they’re not….yet. Tonight is a chance for the Penguins to prove everyone wrong, to prove that they can tough it out and prosper in the face of adversity. The only way to do that, is to shut the Lightning down. To cut off every pass, to finish off every check, and to stop every puck. Come tomorrow, the Penguins may and could very well be out of the playoffs. But until then, there is hope. Hope that every fan in Consol Energy Center will wear white. Hope that every fan will cheer like they never have before. Hope that Jeff Jimerson brings a spark to this team. And most of all, hope that these Pittsburgh Penguins put it all on the line for our city tonight. Go Pens.


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