Critique – E:60 The Good Son

This is a section of ESPN’s E:60 featuring Dwayne Wade and his mother.

Critique: Right off the bat they use excellent imagery with a voice over and switch back and forth from that to natural sound and so on. The voice over sets up the story by giving us a preview of what it’s about, coupled with Mrs. Wade preaching. The interviews are great. It was nice to have Dwayne and his mom together, then Dwayne, his mom, his sister, his dad, etc. During his dad’s interview they showed him, then showed him on the television which I thought was cool. It was also nice to have Dwayne Wade being interviewed on the steps of his childhood home.

Overall, it was an excellent production. It told more than just the rags to riches story by getting in depth with his family members and by an outstanding use of imagery. The composition of the interviews were great, especially the non-studio interview on the steps.


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